Front Garden Makeover

  • Front Garden After
  • Front garden before renovation

Dramatic Before/After projects are so much fun! This front garden renovation is well underway for a major update to the previous landscape. The clients started with a big patch of bamboo that was a constant challenge to contain; a driveway that covered the front of the house; and a lot of lost space due to previous grading choices.

We changed the entire look of the front garden by moving the driveway to one side, moving the retaining walls to create a larger level area, and removing the bamboo forest. The result is an open and welcoming space with a beautiful view of the house through the specimen maple tree. Poured concrete, updated carpentry and lighting have really changed the style of the garden, with more improvements to come in the form of painting and staining.

I’m really looking forward to following the progress of this beautiful project! What would you like to do at your house?