Spring is here!

And we’re off!

It’s wonderful to feel the weather turning (or trying to!) and to see things coming to life everywhere. Spring really is in the air. The cherries are nearly done and the Redbuds are starting to come into their own. Bulbs are blooming everywhere, Creeping Phlox is making a colorful carpet (I have a friend who says “It looks like a unicorn threw up”- the nerve!), and the smell of Koreanspice Viburnum is wafting on the breeze!

How are your garden plans coming along? We’ve got walls, steps, driveways, plants, lights, custom sheds- you name it, it’s on the schedule for spring. Schedules are pretty full, but don’t be discouraged if you haven’t gotten started yet. Let’s start planning now and you could be enjoying your new outdoors for late summer and a beautiful autumn!