Design for Awkward Spaces

New Patio
New Patio

Do you have a small garden or an awkward space that you’d like to use more efficiently? These areas often end up being the most interesting part of your garden! Here are 2 tips for working in a difficult space:

1. Work the angles

Using angles is a standard approach in awkward spaces. They can give you the longest axis when you don’t have much width, or they reclaim a corner area that would otherwise be unused. In this layout, the dining area is on an angle, keeping it tied into the main patio while using and softening some corner space for good energy!

2. Use grade to your advantage

A sloping yard can be difficult, but it also gives you a natural opportunity to use a tiered layout which adds depth and interest to your garden. In this design, we’re gradually working our way from high to low as we move from right to left across the design above.

The downside? Cost. You can’t have tiers without walls, which means more construction, which means a bigger budget. Even in a small garden this can start to seem a little daunting sometimes. Is it worth it? Yes! As long as it doesn’t destroy the budget.

New Patio
New Flagstone Patio
Back Garden
Back Garden, Before

Look Familiar?

Do you have an awkward space you’d like to reclaim? Chances are it could become your favorite place in the garden! Designing now for Spring 2023 installations.