Design Plans for 2024

I’m so looking forward to 2024! I have some clear priorities this year:

  • Design my own garden! We renovated our house last year and the builder pretty much demo’ed or suffocated most of the garden. (It’s a small site, I guess it was inevitable.) It was a little depressing, but I’m taking it as an opportunity to reconsider our hardscape and to create a sod-free planting plan. I enjoyed my garden before, but it’s fun to be more intentional from the start with a mostly native palette that looks designed and beautiful. So many people have a bad impression of native plantings and I’d like to use my own garden as an example of natives in a cultivated setting.
  • Take fewer projects and give the ones I do take more attention and more intention (always my goal). I want to be sure I’m really listening, that I’m creating something truly special for each client, and that I’m maximizing the opportunity to intentionally build healthy habitats with my design.
  • Continue to slowly grow my maintenance service so that I can offer it to each new client who needs it.

As I type this we’re wrapping up January, a month I always fill with classes, lectures and other types of continuing education. It’s time to get serious about the designs we’ll install this spring. I can’t wait for it all to start happening. Here’s to 2024 and the wonderful things we can do together!