Peonies & Baptisia

Photo of Peony Bouquet
Peonies and Baptisia make a wonderful combination.

I have a goal to bring something from my garden indoors all year round. We’re at the end of the Peonies and Baptisia right now, so I got one more bouquet out of them (looks like I didn’t quite dust the mulch off some of them!). I love this combination. I used some variegated Red-Twig Dogwood leaves but they’re a bit limp to be on their own.

We’re on the verge of summer flowers now. I see the Coneflowers close to blooming, and the Black-Eyed Susans are starting. I’ve got some Dahlia tubers coming this week, too, to get started for fall. Better late than never!

Little Acre Flowers’ Peony Party!

peony photo by Little Acre Flowers
The starting materials! Photo by Little Acre Flowers.

DC locals, if you need special flowers, Little Acre Flowers has them!

I went to a flower-arranging class there last night and was absolutely charmed from start to finish! Champagne, cheese boards, gorgeous flowers, truly useful instruction, and a beautiful take-home bouquet- sign me up for the next one!