Yes, it’s planting time

Photo of Caryopteris shrub
Browsing around the nursery- Caryopteris is a fantastic late summer/fall bloomer.

Hang on to your pumpkin spice latte, because it’s planting time again. Where on earth did 2019 go?

Yes, fall is the best time to put in new plants. Why? Because the weather is cooling and many plants are starting to go dormant, which means they need less water and experience less stress. Even better, the chance to winter over means more robust and established plants coming up in the spring.

Let’s get your plan together now so we can plant before the first frost!

If you’re looking to plant this year, there’s still time to create your design and plan your installation for late fall. That said, you’ll have to make quick decisions in order to finalize our plan in the next few weeks. (For reference, I find that most design projects take at least 3 weeks between revisions and meetings.) Sound too rushed? Let’s plan for the second-best planting time- spring! Winter is the best time to work on designs for the coming year, and if we plan now you’ll be relaxed in the spring knowing you’re on the schedule.

Not sure what you’re doing and want some inspiration? Totally overwhelmed with the content on Pinterest or Houzz? Head over to one of my very favorite sites for browsing with my morning coffee, Gardenista. Then call me.