Plan now for spring landscape installations

We’re already starting our 2020 spring installations!

When you think of being outdoors, your mind might go to summer, but for landscapers, there are 2 main seasons- spring and fall, with summer largely a time of maintenance and watering. Why is that?

1. It’s better to plant in milder temperatures.

Spring and fall are the best times to put new plants in the ground- the temperatures are milder, meaning they won’t be immediately frozen or scorched, and it’s easier to keep up with the watering. We generally find the best plant selection in spring (especially perennials), but a fall planting allows plants to settle in and go dormant over the winter.

2. It’s easier to build in milder temperatures.

Mild temperatures mean the ground isn’t frozen solid or hard as a rock from drought. Almost all outdoor construction involves soil disturbance, so this is an important factor. That said, mild winters are a great time for construction, and in fact, I started my first installation on February 14th.

3. It’s easier to work in milder temperatures.

Have you ever driven past a job site and thought, “I’m glad I’m not out there sweating?” Enough said.

We can’t install without a plan!

All this is to say, if you’re thinking about a new landscape installation this spring, it’s time to start your design. Check out my FAQs for some basic information and let’s work on it together!