Top Vote Getter for Landscape Design?!

Landscape Design

Well, this is embarrassing.

About 6 weeks ago an email popped up in my inbox from Arlington Magazine informing me that I was a Top Vote Getter for the the category of Landscape Design. I didn’t even know we were voting for that, so I was completely surprised. My first thoughts- I knew I should have had professional photos taken this year!! Should I get a new haircut, or at least a car magnet?! Now I really need to keep my garden tidy!

Seriously, I’m so appreciative that someone would have taken the time to vote for me. In turn, I’ve taken the opportunity to reflect on my business a little bit, and I made a list of priorities for 2020.

Here’s what I want to do:

  • To be absolutely clear on my process. I want you to know what our working relationship is going to be with a minimum of surprises (preferably none).
  • To ask myself after every client interaction- was I listening? Have I made it clear that I heard what my client said? Sometimes I have extensive follow-up conversations in my head that need to be distilled and communicated.
  • To look for extra functionality in every landscape design. Did I really consider harvesting the rainwater, making the seat wall a storage bench, using plants as screens or visual cues? And can our new landscape be not just functional but also regenerative? (Oh great, a new buzz word?)

How about you? Do you have landscape design goals for 2020?

If you’re ready to invest in your outdoor space, congratulations! You will not regret it. Maybe we can work on it together.