How does the design process work?

Contact me and give me a general idea of what you’d like to do.

Set up a consultation to walk through your garden.

A consultation is usually a site visit at your home. We’ll walk your property together and discuss your needs and wants. I’ll take pictures (with your permission), ask you lots of questions, and offer plenty of ideas as we consider your project.

My consultation fee is $100. There is no time limit (within reason!) for this meeting, and it would not be unusual for us to spend a couple hours chatting at this stage. It’s important to me that I understand the scope of your work, and that you get a good sense of whether you’d like to work with me.

Review and approve my written proposal for the design work. If you agree to the terms, return the contract to me with a 50% deposit for the plan and I’ll get to work.

Meet and review the plans when I have a draft prepared. I’ll give you several printed copies of your plan and send you a PDF as well. Final payment will be due at this time. There is no extra fee for one round of revisions.

Build your landscape! Design is fun, but the goal is to make it happen. Once you have your plan, there are several ways to implement it:

-You can serve as your own contractor and find a landscaping company.

-I can provide you with a quote(s) for your work from a recommended company(s).

-You can do your own work, as many clients do, especially with planting projects.