Some things you might want to know…

What exactly do you do?!

I design and provide project management, i.e. I create plans and then help you build them. I gather your ideas and specifications, combine them with my own inspiration and experience, and together we distill the mix into a working plan that can be implemented in your landscape. I cannot overemphasize that the design is not the final goal- your finished project, the tangible, physical project that you can enjoy outside your home, is my goal. To that end, I always have your lifestyle, timetable and budget in mind.

What kind of plans do you do?

I most often do concept plans, showing general layouts and ideas, followed by detailed planting and hardscape material plans. I also provide a document summary of action items, and a planting list, when appropriate. I very rarely create a technical construction drawing. If we need that level of detail, we likely need an engineered drawing that is going to be submitted for a permit.

Why is your business called blue house gardens?

Short story- I work from home and my house is blue.

How much does a design cost?

A typical design might be $750-$3000 depending on the scope of work. I will estimate initial hours for you when we start and indicate any additional revisions or increased scope when necessary.

How much is project management and what is it?

Project management is provided at 10% of the cost of installation, i.e. if our contractor is charging $10,000, the management cost is $1,000. My responsibilities include meeting the contractor in advance to review the project, showing up each day to ensure we’re implementing the design, taking photos of our progress, ordering, receiving, and laying out all plant material, communicating our progress with you each day, and problem-solving as we go along.

What is a concept plan?

A concept plan shows a layout for a space without necessarily specifying every element of the design. For example, a concept plan of your back garden might show a layout for a stone patio, a pond, a gazebo, flower borders, and a vegetable parterre, without labeling every plant or identifying the exact stone we’re going to use.

What is a planting plan?

A planting plan is a detailed design showing the name and location of every plant we’re going to install. This is especially helpful when you want to do your own work, or if you have a particular interest in plants and want to decide where everything is going. We don’t always do this level of detail for smaller plants that we’re going to mass in a group, for example.

Couldn’t I just do my own design?

Yes, you could! Some people love gardening and DIY projects. If that’s you, maybe you want to give it a whirl.