Garden Maintenance

You’ve invested in a beautiful landscape; what happens when the crew drives away?

From the start of the design process, we’ll discuss how much time you want to spend working in your garden. For most people, the answer is- very little! You’ve got a full schedule already, and although the idea of puttering around with the secateurs might sound romantic, it’s probably not realistic.

Enter Sweetbay Fine Gardening llc

I’ll leave you with a basic list of maintenance tasks and a couple of recommendations for professional help on an on-call basis, but some people prefer a routine schedule, much like your basic housecleaning service. We can provide a seasonal maintenance package to care for your garden on a bi-weekly basis from April through October, with spring/fall clean-ups and the option of container plantings, as well. This service is only for design clients and is not advertised. I will share all the details with you if it’s a good fit for your new garden!