It’s Your Garden…

Photo of Putting Green
If golf is your passion, why not turn an unused space into a putting green? Installation by Great American Landscapes Inc

Do What you Wanna Do!

One of the first things we discuss at your consultation is what you’d like to do in your garden, aka “the program.” Some people don’t really want to do much, they just want things to look good. Others aren’t really sure, but they assume they’ll want to eat outside once in a while and have a place to sit. And still others know exactly what they’d like to do, but might not think their vision is justified or possible. And to that I say, it’s your garden! If the budget allows, it should be exactly what you want it to be.

Your Garden

It’s such a privilege to have a little piece of earth. What do you want to do with yours? I love a consultation that turns into a brainstorming session of dream scenarios! And if we can dream it up, there’s a good chance we can build it. Moat, anyone?

Let’s discuss!