Landscapers are Problem Solvers

Photo of microwave plugged in outside

I love construction. It’s when all the dreaming and planning become reality. But aside from the actual work, I also enjoy the crews and the human details of the job site- like bringing your own microwave to work.

For landscape crews, the job site is their office.

If you work indoors, you don’t need to think about using the bathroom, storing your lunch, or reheating your coffee. But if you work outside, all of these things require some problem-solving.

Just like office workers, landscapers have different mindsets. Some leave the job site to get fast food for lunch. Others bring everything they need for the day and eat their homemade food in a shady spot on site. Oddly, this is the first year that many of us have noticed crews using microwaves. Is this a new trend that somehow made its way through the landscaper network, or have we not been paying attention before? I’m not sure, but this resourcefulness is just another thing that makes me smile.