Landscape design time is now

Landscape Design inspiration at a MANTS plant booth
The Mid-Atlantic Nurseryman Trade Show (MANTS) is always inspirational!

As I type, the wind is howling and there are patches of snow on the ground after our first accumulation of the year. Every morning while I’m sipping my coffee I look out to see how some of my borderline shrubs are holding up in the cold. Know what that means? It’s landscape design time!

Winter may seem like the off-season for the landscape industry, but so much is happening behind the scenes.

It’s the time of year to regroup (paperwork!), to reflect on and improve business practices. It’s the time to attend educational events and trade shows (e.g. MANTS, the APLD Annual Winter Lecture, Green Matters) which keep me fresh and inspired. And yes, it is the time for a little rest (plants have the right idea). But best of all, winter is the time to work on plans for this year’s installations.

I love it when I’m busy with landscape design from December-March, because I know I’m going to have happy clients who are securely on the schedule when the weather improves.

It can be hard to think about home improvement projects during the holiday or post-holiday season, but when you factor in design revisions and busy schedules, getting your plans together can take a month or easily much more. If you want your project completed by Memorial Day, start counting backwards and you’ll realize that it needs to start now. If you call 3 weeks before Memorial Day, you may be disappointed to find that you’ll be waiting until fall before work can begin.

Are you looking to revamp your plant beds, build a new patio, or finally start your little urban farm? Is it time to address the failing retaining walls or just add some fun like a bocce court? Let’s make it a reality in 2019! It starts with a Consultation.