Giving Back for the Holidays

Photo of Winterberry Plant
Ilex verticillata are a star of the winter landscape.

This holiday season…

I want to show my gratitude to our community by giving half of every consultation fee to Arlington’s Offender Aid and Restoration program (OAR).

Schedule your site consultation between now and Christmas and know that while we’re talking and dreaming about your landscape, you’re also giving to others in a very tangible way. (And yes, it’s the perfect time to start planning for spring!)

Want to know more about OAR? Take a tour to hear all about this wonderful program serving our neighbors and their families.

Second chances and restoration- the very meaning of Christmas.

Happy Holidays!

Landscape Lighting is the Finishing Touch

When we think of gardens, we immediately think of plants, stone, brick, benches etc. We tend to picture ourselves walking through or sitting out in the sunshine, enjoying the sights, fragrances and sounds. But one of the most magical things you can do in your landscape is to add lighting. Outdoor lighting is the absolute icing on the cake, that extra element that elevates the charm factor to a completely new level.

One of the most common lighting functions is uplighting, which is most often used to highlight trees, architecture, and statuary or artwork. The other is path lighting, which guides you through the garden and provides a measure of safety, as well. Both of these basic functions create a welcoming warmth to your home, and they also allow you to enjoy your garden more in the evenings, which might be the only time you’re home during the work week. Even if you’re stuck in the house, you’ve given yourself a beautiful view to enjoy. I especially like they way I don’t feel so closed in during these darker months of the year. Expanding my view out to the back of my garden makes me feel less mentally confined somehow.

If you’re starting your landscape design, be sure to include lighting in your final plans. If you already have a garden but don’t have any lights yet- I can help with that!

First Impressions

Changing the front entrance to your home is one of the most impactful choices you can make in your landscape. These clients recently completed a beautiful remodel and needed to start from scratch with the front walkway and planting beds. We replaced the old, narrow brick walkway with a bolder, rectilinear yet meandering flagstone walk for a welcoming path to the front door.

The details:

The Techo-bloc Rocka step make a neat transition between levels and blends beautifully with the natural stone. Large pieces (18″ x 18″, 18″ x 24″, and 18″ x 36″) of mixed color Pennysylvania flagstone keep the look simple and clean and complement the new Hardiplank facade in both color and form. The stones are set tightly on a base of compacted stone dust and finished with poly sand.

A very simple palette of plants was put in at this mid-fall date- Hydrangea, Prunus ‘Otto Luyken’, Sarcococca humilis, Ilex glabra, Dryopteris, Hosta, Phlox subulata, Pennisetum, Hypericum. The huge oak trees have been limbed up a bit for the renovation, so we’ll see what the sunlight conditions are over the next few seasons and adjust as needed.

Meanwhile, we’ll admire the great work of The King’s Masons as we wait for the garden to mature. Welcome in!